We Get Sick Too

Physician Assistant Sick With Cup of Tea

Photo Credit Melanie Hayes

I know you've been there too... Sick but still pushing yourself to get through the day. PAs alongside many healthcare providers struggle with the idea of taking a sick day.

We care for the most critical patients and fight for those holding onto life. It often times feels difficult to warrant a day off due to illness. We have a long list of patients to see - we aren't allowed to get sick. As long as you're not, "near death" you're good enough to work. You would think that healthcare workers would receive a little more sympathy from the system, but is quite the opposite.

I've heard colleagues upset after being told, "I would never take a day off when I was sick" as a response to them not feeling well enough to work. Isn't feeling ill subjective? How can you attempt to compare anything you've ever had to what someone else is experiencing? We do have an obligation to serve our patients, but where do we draw the line?  When are we allowed to admit that it's just too much? Should it still be unacceptable to call out sick?

I know patients depend on us but, we get sick too.

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