Common Conditions: Physician Assistants Just as Good as Physicians?

Physician Assistant labs

Image Credit: Thirteen of Clubs

I have found some great articles on the internet highlighting the added value Physician Assistants provide. Typically, as I reach the end of the article I always find myself perusing through the comments section. I usually find someone out there hiding behind their laptop questioning the quality of care PAs deliver. "How can PAs provide high caliber care without going through the extensive training physicians must endure?" I've read their rationales that assume that since PAs are trained for 6 years instead of 8 and aren't required to complete residency, they must not have enough medical knowledge to come up with a solid diagnosis; therefore we order frivolous diagnostic tests and waste medical resources. PAs have long defended these thoughts and finally, I am glad to say that a recent study has demystified this false theory.

The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published a study that evaluates low level of care among advanced practitioners and physicians. The verdict was that Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners were just as, "high value of care" conscious as physicians when caring for patients.

Congratulations to all the PAs out there for providing the highest level of care to your patients!