5 Reasons Why Being a Physician Assistant is AWESOME!

Physician Assistant Working

Image Credit: Helge V. Keitel

1.  The Physician Assistant Profession is Rapidly Growing

PAs are in demand and the number of PAs is expected to increase exponentially. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2014 and 2024 the growth of the PA professionis anticipating to increase by 30% where the typical rate of growth of professions is 7%! 

2. You Are Not Limited to One Field of Medicine

As a Physician Assistant you can work in a wide range of medical specialties. The opportunities are endless: Pediatrics, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, and the list goes on! At any point in time you also have the flexibility to switch specialties if you so choose. 

3. Autonomy

As a Physician Assistant you have the ability to make a direct impact on patients' care. PAs are able to order and interpret laboratory tests, write prescriptions, order and establish medical diagnosis (to list a few). With access to a physician, they can collaborate with them whenever they need.

4. Work Life Balance

As a Physician Assistant you are able to find a wide spectrum of shifts and hours to work. Some PAs work 3 days a week while others work 5 day a week and both are considered full time. If your lifestyle is better suited for you to work night shifts, you can find a job that enables you to do this. Many PAs are able to leave their work behind when their shift is over (meaning they aren't required to work from home by answering patients phone calls after hours or take hospital call).

5. Compensation

As a Physician Assistant you can pursue your passion while making a great living. According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics the median annual salary for Physician Assistants in 2015 was $98,180. That's amazing! The icing on the cake? There are plenty of opportunities to pick up extra shifts on the side, so if need be you can.